How to survive a psychopath
Slip helskindet fra nærkontakt
med en psykopat


Two persons in one - what is happening? 

A toxic person is first of all a person who needs to be confirmed 24 hours a day. Why this is so is explained in the section: Want to know more about toxic persons.

Imagine a very little soul who feels extremely insecure and who is for that reason not able to establish real relations with other people. The result is a person who is totally focused on getting confirmation from personal relations. This person has no personal opinions, no professional values, no ethic or moral values. He or she ends up as a pleasing coward using other people and personal relations for one purpose only: Confirmation.

And then again. While the toxic person seeks confirmation, his or her own self-image shows a multi-talented, different-from-the-normal-people-person. A person who  - due to unfair conditions of life - never got what he or she was entitled to, no matter if he or she ends up as a social worker or the president of a multi-billion company.

One final point: A toxic person has no conscience. It's fairly simple - his or her agenda is confirmation of a self-portrait that he or she is not able to implement. When faced with the consequences of their doings or lack of doings, the reaction is: "I didn't mean to" or "It's not my fault".

If you want to know more about different types of toxic persons, please go to:

Dorte Kardel, ECOHouse, mail:, phone: 004520993514

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